Rotary cutters, rulers and cutting mats

Rotary cutters and self-healing mats are specially designed for accurate cutting and piecing. Use them together with rulers for precise measuring. Order online patchwork rulers, quilting rulers, rotary cutters and cutting mats from our shop!

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Rotary cutter 28mm

Not available

Beginner Patchwork Set Prym

Not available

Rotary Cutter 45mm - RTY2/C

€14.77 / piece

Rotary Cutter with 3 spare blades

€19.32 / piece

Rotary Cutter 60mm - RTY3/G

€16.59 / piece

Ergonomic Cutter - 45 mm RTY2/DX

€17.05 / piece

OLFA rotary cutter 45 mm RTY2/G

Not available

Rotary cutter 28mm RTY1/G

Not available

Rotary cutter 18 mm RTY-4

Not available

Compas circle cutter

€17.73 / piece

Patchwork and quilting cutting mat Olfa - 60x45

€34.09 / piece

Patchwork and quilting board CM-A1

€60.23 / piece

Patchwork and quilting board CM-A2

Not available

Rotary Cutting Mat - Olfa

€29.55 / piece

Not available

Spare blades 60 mm Olfa cutter RB-60-1

€5.91 / piece

Spare blade Olfa cutter 45mm RB-45-1

€5.00 / piece

Spare blades 18 mm Olfa RB18-2

€4.77 / piece

Spare blade 28 mm Olfa cutter RB28-2

Not available
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